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Tel. 01623 880988

Fax. 01623 880970

Email. [email protected]


Ambicorp LTD, Oakham Farm,

Forest Lane, Walesby, Notts.


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We are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on being  an honest and friendly company,  whilst being able to consistently maintain a reliable and professional service.


We genuinely believe that  "Patient Care Comes First" and all our crew members can deal with the most challenging of situations with ease and complete


all our team make the effort to listen and ask questions, ensuring we fully understand each individuals needs. All our team show empathy, patience and a courtious manner


in all circumstances. Ambicorp Ltd enjoys solid relationships with various trusts, CCG'S and commissioners throughout the country, alongside private patients in this region.


This is down to a proven track record which only comes through experience and knowledge of the industry. Over the last few years we have proven repeatedly that


we are true to our word and will consistently exceed expectations. We are registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered number


1-20504904 and we welcome any questions or visits.


AMBICORP tries to be as transparent as possible, giving the customer peace of mind in that


whatever your request is, we will carry it out to the letter.


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Any requests for information must be submitted to [email protected]

(This email address is monitored for information requests ONLY), please visit our Contact Us page for anything else.




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