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Tel. 01623 880988

Fax. 01623 880970

Email. [email protected]


Ambicorp LTD, Oakham Farm,

Forest Lane, Walesby, Notts.


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Secure Transport


At Ambicorp our ethos is "Patient care comes first".                                                    


As a company we aim to gain as much information as possible about each individual , so we can find the right solution for you.


We operate 24 hours a day and cover the whole of the UK. Each transfer is monitored by the control room where we can monitor and receive updates with the progress and if we have the hint of any issues or delay we can immediatly react.


We pride ourselves on finding solutions, should you have anything you would like to discuss, please dont hesitate to contact us.                                            



All our teams are trained to deal with any

situation that my arise.


From simple transfers to Highly secure transfers. These may include from Hospital to Prison, court or appointment or anywhere else.


The crews are reactive to any situation that may occur in the confidence they have a trained team back at the call centre just a call away to help them problem solve any situtaion.